Hire a Luxurious Limo Service to Make Your Event One of a Kind

We at One Stop Luxury Transportation have special types of limousines available for you all. All of them come with upscale entertainment and comfort features. We have won so many awards as the best Limo service company because of how luxurious our cars are. Below are some of the comfort icons we have in our company.

Sadan Limo

Lincoln limo is the limo in which can accommodate around 8 to 10 passengers at a time. It is available in two colors, which are black and white. The limo comes with a LED lighting system. It has a great sound system and a built-in bar. It also has a wrap-around type of a seating system which provides all the comfort out clients need. So overall, the Lincoln limo provides a very comfortable and entertaining riding experience. Book out Lincoln limo now to have one of the best rides you have ever had!

SUV Limo

To simply described it, it is amazing and outstanding. It is equipped with features such as a very nice LED lighting system accompanied by a sound system which takes entertainment to another level. The wrap around limo style seating is also there which gives the clients a very comfortable experience. This too has a built-in bar which serves all kinds of drinks be it alcoholic or non-alcoholic depending on your demands. It can accommodate up till 12 to 14 people at a time and is available in two basic colors, black and white. So, if you want to take the ride with more people Cadillac limo is the choice you should make.

Party Bus

Stylish, comfort master and built with extreme entertainment features, Hummer limo is just a perfect choice for your events. It can accommodate 14 to 20 passengers. It’s even bigger than the Cadillac limo. It is also available in the two colors, black and white. It has all the things which the other two limos have, an LED lighting system, sound system, wrap-around limo style seating and a bar with a variety of drinks of your choice. However, it is huge from the inside and is made in a way that the clients can have a party on the side of it as well.

Corporate Transportation

These party buses, like the name indicates, are built with features for that make partying in the bus wonderful and special. Our clients can book our party buses whenever they want to have a great partying experience. These busses have a built-in dance floor and come in different sizes which can accommodate people ranging from 14-16, 18-20, 23-25 and 28-30 depending on the size. Choose the size that can accommodate the number of people attending your party. We all sizes, it all depends on the needs of our clients. It is also available in two basic colors, black and white. So, if you are planning a party book us for a great experience.